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Delivery delays during COVID-19

Delivery delays during COVID-19

Delivery delays became a major issue during COVID-19 all over the world. It can be caused by many factors and challenges. Delivery companies are trying to deliver the parcels on time and they have to follow the COVID 19 health and safety regulations for themselves and their customers. These regulations and high demands caused the extended delivery times up to 5 weeks.

Delivery companies usually rely on passenger flights to transport their parcels. During COVID-19, domestic flights have been reduced significantly.  Many businesses suspended the next day guarantee deliveries.

Most of the international flights have been cancelled and deliveries from overseas depend on these flights as well. Fewer international flights mean a longer delivery time for overseas parcels.

Do you think, only COVID 19 restrictions affecting the delivery time? Of course not.

Australians are shopping online almost 500% more during the coronavirus pandemic than before. Most of the big stores closed their doors during the lockdowns and started to serve their customers via delivery companies.

While many businesses are struggling with financial problems due to lockdowns, delivery companies and online department stores are struggling to meet the high demand.

Delivery companies are experiencing this situation every year at Christmas, but this time nobody knows when it will end.

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